Attendance policy

Attendance Policy: Regular attendance is required and is subject to general regulations. This policy states that:
1. Training courses can be accessed through the e-learning platform. Trainees must submit a registration request through the website link provided.
2. Trainees are required to pay training fees using the approved payment methods on the website. A payment invoice will be sent to them for payment or              transferred to the center's account.
3. To cancel a registration request, a trainee must submit a request to the center at least 24 hours before the start of the course. The center may accept or           reject the apology.
4. The center reserves the right to cancel any training course or change its schedule. Trainees will be informed of any changes.
5. The policies and regulations are subject to change without prior notice.
6. Regular attendance is required.
7. Trainees must attend no less than 75% of the designated training hours for the course. Attendance will be recorded using the attendance system.

Virtual Attendance :
The number of trainees per training room for qualification and development courses should not exceed 25. However, it may be increased by 25% based on the trainer's qualifications and the type of program.

Regular Attendance :
Trainees who miss the course without a valid excuse will forfeit their right to a refund of fees. The center reserves the right to accept or reject the excuse.

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