Intellectual property rights

Intellectual Property Rights

First: Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The trainer is committed to the content that the course is based on and should consider any updates. Deleting any part of the training materials without obtaining approval from the training department is strictly prohibited.
  2. Recorded lectures and electronic content in all its forms are the property of Nawa Training Center, and it has the right to use them for educational purposes and in a manner that serves the center.
  3. Respecting intellectual property rights and the fair use of principles and regulations governing intellectual property rights.
  4. All published content on pages affiliated with Nawa Training Center is subject to intellectual property rights.

Second: Copyright and Publishing Rights
All content published on the website pages of Nawa Training Center must comply with copyright and electronic publishing policy, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Training materials in electronic formats.
  2. Activities and question banks.
  3. Any electronic materials not owned by the page owner and have copyright rights.
  4. The management ensures, before publishing any content or videos from other websites, that it does not violate the copyright of the other website. The responsible party bears all the responsibilities resulting from this.
  5. We emphasize the commitment to intellectual property and copyright for all website content in accordance with the publishing policies of Nawa Training Center. We warn against copying or quoting any images and logos and posting them on the website without indicating their source.
  6. Ensuring that the content is appropriate and free of inappropriate language.
  7. The website prohibits the publication of anything that violates laws, training centers, or societal norms, or that violates the privacy of others.
  8. Using publishing for educational purposes only.
  9. Adhering to the language rules used to create the page or electronic material and ensuring its accuracy and freedom from linguistic and spelling errors.
  10. The website must be updated continuously.
  11. The center is not responsible for any external links that are not under its administration.
  12. Purposeful and compliant content is published, including the standards and specifications of the website.
  13. Each member of the center is responsible for everything published on their personal page, and it does not represent the center in any way.


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