Technical Support

In order to achieve the training and development goals, Nawa Institute for Training has provided communication channels for obtaining guidance and solutions around the clock, with the technical support team and trainees.


Technical support policy:

The platform provides its services to all users in several flexible ways that the technical support team works on, tailored to meet the users' needs, including:

  1. Support for software and applications access to users' devices such as "Teams"
  2. WhatsApp support for communication chat software.
  3. Support by phone.
  4. Support within the training room.
  5. Support for email.
  6. Support through the online support form.


The beneficiaries of the technical support services:

• Registered institute trainees for the purpose of providing training courses on our online platform.
• Participants in our training courses on the training platform, including all trainees.
• Relevant government entities, such as the General Organization for Technical Education and Vocational Training, the Ministry of Education, and the National Center for E-Learning.


Channels for technical support: 

• Contact center phone number: 0112708886, from Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and during the training courses' sessions in the evening.

• Email for technical support:

• Social media applications

WhatsApp: 0504910114


The services and systems covered by technical support:

• Enrollment in courses and resolving technical issues related to using and benefiting from the features of the online training platform.
• Providing the necessary training and qualification for users.
• Logging in to the educational platform and following up on the technical aspects of the trainee's account.
• Attending the course and using the live streaming applications.
• Accessing the platform by the instructor.
• Obtaining the trainee's certificate from the Manar platform.


Expected time for response:

The expected time for response is short. If the support is through WhatsApp, either by a trainer or trainee, the response will be received within 20 minutes upon receiving the message, and then a reply will be sent through email."


The roles, responsibilities, and authorities are divided into several levels required to provide technical support:

Level One: Customer Service Call Center, which is responsible for receiving all incoming calls and providing technical support for inquiries or forwarding them to the relevant management, according to the nature of the issue.

Level Two: Technical Support Department, which supports and verifies the completion of technical issues and tasks. This department completes the technical support process."


Working hours:

Form Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00PM.

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