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Extensive Training

Our training programs are designed to meet the changing needs of the industry, uplifting individuals and organizations. Our expert trainers deliver engaging and interactive training experiences, including workshops, online courses, and customized on-site sessions, covering a broad spectrum of topics from patient care and leadership to clinical procedures and technology.

Let NAWA unlock your full potential and take your career to new, unprecedented heights.

  • Healthcare Courses
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Health and Environment Safety
  • Financial Accounting
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Business and Project Management


We offer expert consultancy services to organizations, institutions, and companies. Our consultants offer personalized support and guidance, conducting thorough assessments and developing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Our services encompass a wide range of areas, including organizational development, training program design and implementation, process improvement, and technology integration. With a focus on evidence-based practices and a commitment to excellence, we partner with global and local organizations to drive positive change and improve the delivery of care.

● Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) ● Medical Coding ● Virtual Health Care (VHC) ● Technical & Information Consulting

Tech-driven Methodology

We leverage innovative technologies and proven work methodologies, such as project-based learning, to create an engaging and effective learning experience.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and modern techniques create an optimal environment for trainees to learn and grow. At NAWA, we ensure that our trainees are well-equipped to flourish in their careers and make meaningful contributions to their respective fields.

Benefits of Training with NAWA.

Increased Knowledge and Skills

Higher Earning Potential

Improved Problem-Solving Abilities

Greater Job Security

Personal Growth and Development

Stay One Step Ahead with NAWA.

Enhance your performance with certified training in Medical Coding, Revenue Cycle Management, Clinical Documentation Improvement Training, Computer Technology, Leadership, and others..

Certified trainers

All our training courses offered in Nawa are implemented and provided under the supervision of a group of specialists, who are fully aware of the latest developments in the field concerned and the needs of the curriculum provided.

Globally Recognized Certifications

Our training programs are certified by globally recognized organizations. Your credentials will help you scale higher in your business or career with valuable skills and effective management.

Highly Qualified Trainers

At NAWA, we train employees under the supervision of accomplished career professionals. All our courses are delivered by competent and experienced trainers who are well-versed in understanding the varying needs of the curriculums.

Our Powerful Partnerships

  • At NAWA, we have formed strategic partnerships with leading organizations in various fields to further enhance our offerings, and cater to the diverse needs of business professionals worldwide.
  • One such partnership is with the International Business Training Association (IBTA), which is a highly reputable organization that provides top-quality training that enables professionals to excel in global industries. In 2003, IBTA launched the Certified Business Professional (CBP™) certification program, becoming one of the most highly acclaimed soft-skills certifications worldwide. To expand its reach, IBTA has partnered with Track, a premier training provider in Saudi Arabia, to offer CBP courses to professionals in the region.
  • Moreover, HADAF, the Human Resources Development Fund, refunds the fees for all CBP courses for Saudi citizens, making these courses more accessible and affordable for aspiring professionals.
  • Another one of our most rewarding partnerships is with EHE Education, a global hub of health informaticians training the finest force of digital health professionals. Based in Australia, the organization facilitates us in providing Clinical Coding and DRG courses within the region. Its support has enabled us to become a specialized provider of the most qualified training courses endorsed by CCHI and SHC, turning our graduates into professional clinical coders.
  • Additionally, to provide top-notch financial training and courses, we have partnered with 360° Business, a premier financial services provider offering fundraising, financial planning, and investment management services to startups, small and medium enterprises, and leading corporations. With this collaboration, we want to empower the financial departments of the companies and assist them in expanding their operations while maximizing their profits.
  • Furthermore, through our dynamic and powerful partnership with Selat, we plan on utilizing our expertise in providing consultancy services and RCM courses to a diverse range of healthcare fields, including Revenue Cycle Management, Clinical Coding and other critical aspects.

Drive your career with our exceptional training centre.

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